30 May 2012 – I’ve been planning to start a new blog… just for a change. The topic? North Kildare Cricket. Why? Simple… over the years I’ve acquired hundreds, if not thousands, of photo’s. Senior son has played all his cricket at the club and will continue for the forseeable future, all things considered.

But why another blog? Surely the club has its own website? Yes, it does and my blog is not meant to be a competitor to the official site. My rendition will be a quick way for me to  put up the odd pic or two. Over the years I’ve met so many interesting folk. Characters.

Why not put my spin on the club’s activities? Not only the players but also the support staff and other folk passionate about the club’s past and the future. There are many tales to tell… in short form. Over the years we’ve visited interesting grounds… some set in the picturesque countryside.

So… here we go… I hope your occasional visit brings a smile… or frown… thanks for calling by, and thanks for considering another visit! 😉

For those who are interested… below is the link to my main blog… where, hopefully, you’ll find something new each day…


Oh, that’s me… the Scorer’s official umbrella holder!

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