A Sad Farewell… Motoring Mower Man!!

By: aj vosse

Nov 09 2018

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Focal Length:150mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D3000

This post is set to go live at the beginning of a very sad occasion. Yes, today we say our final good-bye’s to our friend Gerry! The words are more than five years old but they are a tribute to our friend… true words then… and true words now! Sir, we salute you!

Ouch!! My back hurts!!

I promised a few week’s ago that I was going to dedicate a post especially to this Gentleman. GF, treasurer at North Kildare Cricket Club has been a regular attraction for years. He has also been many things to many folk for even longer.

Accountant by profession, the bookkeeping duties always tend to land up in his capable hands. But… the quiver is full… many other tasks are regularly carried out by the ever energetic friend of so many. Mower Man of note. He coaxes the old tractor around and around… leaving the outfield as pristine as it could ever be. I once asked… “Why mowing?”

GF proudly relates… “As a working man I shuffled paper… from the inbox to the outbox. Office bound, the pile never seemed to diminish so the yearning for physical activity drove me to the mower.”

I wonder how many kilometers or miles or knots…

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2 comments on “A Sad Farewell… Motoring Mower Man!!”

  1. So jammer vir jul verlies, AJ.

    • Dankie Dries… ons kan net dankbaar wees dat ons hom geken het! Hy het beslis ‘n lang, frugtevolle lewe gely so dit is ook ‘n plus punt!

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