Fences — Lens-Artists

By: aj vosse

Sep 10 2018

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Focal Length:300mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D3300

So… cricket and fences? Yes… those in the know will be quick to tell you that a fence is an essential piece of equipment in this great game. In this photo we see a whole lot of fence action… yep, the three sticks… those on the very right of the photo… tradition says their origin hail from a backyard fence. Those are now standard pieces of equipment… the wickets! A batsman protects them at all costs but the bowler wants to see them demolished.

Then, in the background you see the boundary picket fence… the aim of the batsman is to hit the ball to, or over that fence. If the batsman does smack it over the fence in one foul swoop… the umpire raises his arms… not in surrender… but to signal to the scorers who may be sitting very far away from the centre of the action. So… any bowler worth his salt never wants to see an umpire in that pose while any batsman keen on scoring runs loves seeing the umpire doing the exercise… and the good folk spectators out in the distance get a moment’s share of the action… when they return the ball to the players!

6 comments on “Fences — Lens-Artists”

  1. Great choice ! Always seems like Greek to me

  2. Now I learned some new things again…Thank you!

  3. Goeie foto en verduidelliking , maar nou ja die nie spelende lande verstehen nicht

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