By: aj vosse

Jun 03 2016

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Focal Length:23mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D3300

Cricket, more than any other sport, is a game of numbers. The individual batsmen strive to get as many runs as possible. The bowlers attempt to get the batsmen out and concede as few runs as possible. Wicket keepers record their catches. The whole team strive to get the maximum number of runs possible in a given innings… may it be 20 overs or 50 overs.

Then there is the realm of first class/ test cricket where the games are scheduled for three, four or five days. Of course, each team brings along their own scorers. Each and every ball is recorded. Each and every run/ wicket/ catch/ boundary… etc… etc… etc… ad nauseam! In this way records of numbers are kept… for posterity… and to give players bragging rights when looking back at individual performances for any given game. NUMBERS! They rule!!

3 comments on “Numbers!”

  1. I used to do the teas and the bar at the most lovely ground in Oxfordshire – we hosted the county matches when they occured which was not often as it was Oxfordshire … a different drill but the same mantra – numbers do indeed rule Cricket.

    • It is sooo cricket to do the teas!! I’ve even done the odd braai (bbq) at the end of play and my good lady has been involved with teas when my lad was 2nd’s captain! FUN!! 😀

      • Hey hey – 2nds captain … this is serious! I miss those teas and those bars and that cricket. Nothing. I tell thee nothing. Defines our England better that Cricket and its traditions – including sandwiches and cake and an urn!

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