Admiration! Gerry F’s Birthday!

By: aj vosse

Apr 29 2016

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Well, I don’t have to think very hard or search very far to find a very apt target for today’s celebration! Of course I say target with a whole lot of tongue in cheek and more than a fair dollop of admiration. The very man who is celebrating his birthday today was paying me a visit yesterday. While chatting his phone rang. It was his sister calling from the UK… wishing the good lad a happy birthday… a day early! The cat was out the bag… I knew today was the day!

We chatted about the club and the years of Gerry’s of involvement. We chatted about “Gerry’s” tractor, as I call it. Gerry explained why he is so attached to the tractor and mower. All his working years he drove a desk… never outdoors. So, he found an outlet… outside, in the fresh air. Mowing the outfield during the season. Gerry has become synonymous with NKCC and the outfield.

Happy birthday… may your 82nd birthday be a great one and may we, the youngsters, keep learning from you! Not only do you deserve all the praise that comes your way… you’ve proved over many years why all the admiration is justified!

2 comments on “Admiration! Gerry F’s Birthday!”

  1. A lovely tribute, and I do hope Gerry gets to read it!

    • Thanks… I shared it on the club’s FB page so hopefully he’ll get to see it! 😉

      On 29 April 2016 at 21:24, North Kildare Cricket wrote:


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