T20 World Cup 2016 Logo

By: aj vosse

Mar 30 2016

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Here’s a bit of T20 wisdom… yeah, I know we’re not there any more but hey, who said I cared?? 😉

Zero Creativity Learnings

T20 cricket is becoming more popular day by day due to thrillers involved in the format of the game. World Cup 2016 is being hosted by India. The excitement in the tournament is increasing as semi finals will be starting on 30th March 2016. With this as opportunity, would love to post the logo designs of the event  and also all the former versions till 2007.

Two of the versions, 2014 and 2012 were designed by Australian company WiteKite. They  have specialty for designing event and sports worldwide. Every logo is having standard format of presentation. Tournament name, Hosting country and Year is put at the bottom of the logo. Every logo has ball depicted from the number “0”.

Twenty20 World Cup 2016 Logo

T20-World-Cup-2016-Logo-Download T20 World Cup 2016 Logo

Twenty20 World Cup 2014 Logo

T20-World-Cup-2014-Logo-Download T20 World Cup Logo 2014

The logo uses the colours of the Bangladesh flag with splashes…

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