Monochromatic – Green

By: aj vosse

Sep 11 2015

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Category: Spectators, The Club

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Focal Length:82mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D3300

This is Ireland… the Emerald Island. Why would it be so green? Because it rains… and rains… and sometimes rains even a bit more. Yeah… I hear you say. Not always so in cricketing terms… no, a wet pitch is no good. So… the rush is on to get the covers on… and guess what? They’re also green. Makes for even more monochromatic effect. fortunately the two lads doing the covers bring a tad of colour… even though one is trying to blend in with all the green!

One comment on “Monochromatic – Green”

  1. […] as this is Ireland. Well, I have to surprise those of you not in the know… I’ve used it green over at the cricket […]

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