Connected – SIX!

By: aj vosse

Sep 04 2015

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Category: Players


Focal Length:400mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D3300

Connected – that’s a very common saying in cricket lingo! Either the batsman connects exceptionally well and the ball flies… for six, or the bowler gets past the batsman’s guard and connects with the timber. This week we’ll go with the batsman… he’s connected well and truly with the ball this time… the wicky and first slip look on as the batsman sends the ball high and handsomely over the rope… for six!!

4 comments on “Connected – SIX!”

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  2. Hi- Great photo! Congratulations on your photo being featured in the WordPress “Photos We Loved”. I see we are sharing the limelight– a fun way to start the day. I recognize your main blog– I think we’ve crossed paths before.

    • Hi Jane!

      Thanks a million for commenting! Yes… we may have crossed paths, always great to stay connected and build our virtual bridges! I enjoy your take on the challenge as well.

      It’s amazing how large the insides of the bridge is! Your photo contrasts the size so well. I think the B&W adds to the effect! Great shot and rightfully in the top three!

      Let’s see what they throw at us this week… more good clean fun!! 😈

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