The Sport of Inspiration… the Inspiration of Sport!

By: aj vosse

Jul 31 2015

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Category: Players, Spectators

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Focal Length:460mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

We all know sport is a great motivator! We all know sport inspires great achievements. We aspire to special moments. Winning moments! However, as life goes by our aspirations change. We can no longer partake but we can live our excitement and dreams in different ways.

For me, photography is a massive outlet and connect with sport. Well… with cricket in particular. There cannot be a better way for a spectator to partake… and also capture a special moment that means something to an individual or team. This season to date I’ve been rather fortunate… I’ve managed to snap a fair quota of batsmen getting clean bowled!

There’s a lot of luck involved… your timing must be spot-on. However, as I don’t believe in luck I’ll just have to say Lady Serendipity has been rather kind to me this season… she sure knows how to provide the inspiration when it’s most needed!! So, there you go… what’s more inspiring for a lay happy snapper than to capture that moment when the bails go flying??

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