By: aj vosse

Jun 26 2015

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Category: Players, Spectators, The Club


Focal Length:240mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D3300

So… last weekend, someone in the know spotted that I’ve featured a certain lady from the club on the odd occasion. The word muse happened into the conversation. My cricketing muse? Ah well… I’ll get myself into so much trouble if I had to admit to having a muse…

Therefore… as is the great tradition that is cricket… I’ll have to go looking somewhere else to find my muse. This week, Brie Anne throws the challenge at us… show your muse… show something that draws you back and back again. And again? Yep. I love getting the moment when the ball strikes the stumps and the batsman has to depart. Only thing, I promise you… it’s just luck. How on earth could I know the ball is going to pass the bat and clatter into the stumps? Anyway… why don’t I show you a flat stump photo … and throw in a bevy of ladies who are all muses in their own right?

2 comments on “Muse?”

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