By: aj vosse

Oct 24 2014

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Category: Rules of the Game, Spectators

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Focal Length:500mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D3300

Cricket is a game of stats… that we all know. Well, maybe some don’t. Our friends who profess not to understand the great way of cricket life don’t quite know about the significance of numbers but that’s why we’re here… to educate them. Ailsa’s weekly theme allows me to throw open the doors a bit… to invite a few folk who don’t often sit up when cricket is mentioned… yep, 111 is one such number!

The dreaded Nelson… 111 a number not to be taken lightly. Yes, it is said that the number often claims a batsman’s wicket… and boy, does it just! See the main pic… look below… you’ll see a subtle change… Nelson struck!

Nelson strikes!!

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