Famous Last Words aka The Happy Hat Trick!!

By: aj vosse

Jul 31 2014

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Category: Officials, Players, Rules of the Game, Spectators, The Club

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Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D3300

The Laois First’s mob CA after he takes hat trick!

There I was sitting last Saturday, in the company of the President Elect of the Leinster Cricket Union. He is a Laois man… and a shrewd student of the game. Little passes him by and when it was NK’s chance to bat he was calling the shots from the sidelines. He advised and cajouled… do this, do that!

“Bowl full, no short pitched stuff… get it up man… get it up!”

Of course no one on the pitch could hear this but I must say… I suspect the Laois fielder close by must have been conveying snippets back to his team mates between overs. Even so, the President Elect did convey his joy when LF took a wicket from the other side.

But the best was still to come… a certain Master CA was bowling from the end we were sitting and about an over after the very same CA had enticed a poor shot from one of our batsman to get himself out he was again giving advice. Before I share the advice I’ll just have to say the batsman in question just so happens to have been my lad, so… there I was sitting eating humble pie when the President Elect got going with the sideline advice again.

“No Clint… take yourself off! No Clint, they’re used to you now… take yourself off!!” 

Of course CA could not hear this and in any case, he must have had a feeling in his water for the next ball he bowled resulted in a wicket… which prompted the following remark…

“What do I know about cricket… keep yourself on Clint, keep yourself on!”

CA had no choice in the matter as he still needed to bowl the 5 remaining balls of the over so he proceeded to do just what the President Elect suggested… next ball another wicket. That meant 2 in 2… that dreaded felling descended on me… our team was in trouble… the President Elect’s team was on top!

Matters changed even more with the next ball… 3 in 3… the bowlers dream!! A Hat Trick!! And all of that before our eyes!!

Yes, the President Elect’s words are still ringing in my ears today… as must the very same advice be eating at him!!

Go in peace brother… may your tenure at the top of Leinster Cricket be a bright one!! May you long remember the day your bowlers took 5 wickets with 5 consecutive balls!

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