Ed’s Your Man!

By: aj vosse

Mar 15 2014

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Category: Officials, Players

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Focal Length:70mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D3000

Right… hibernation is over. Spring is in the air. That means many thing to many folk but for us die-hard cricket addicts it means dusting off the bats, checking the pads and gloves and having a long hard look at that all important thing called the “BOX“.

However, there comes a time early on in the season, when new kit must be got. So, where do we head? We head for Ed. Ed Sports in Dublin has been serving the cricketing fraternity in and around Dublin and further afield for many years. Ed’s no longer the spring chicken we met some 14 seasons ago when we first set foot on the Emerald Isle… but I tell you what, he hasn’t lost his penchant for slagging South Africans.

We were hardly in the door when he rather sheepishly referred to the just concluded tour to SA by the Ozzy’s … man, he knows how to gently twist the knife! The best though, is his impersonation of the good old SA accent!

OK… do you need cricket kit? Well it’s easy. Either visit the store in person to get your kit and a wee bit of a slagging if you’re a Saffer, or… visit the FB page, where you’ll find all the other contact details. If you’re too chicken to visit personally then online is your answer.

There you have it… if you’re in desperate need of a slagging, or heaven forbid, a bit of cricket gear, then Ed’s your man!!

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