Taking Guard?

By: aj vosse

Sep 24 2013

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Category: Officials, Players, Rules of the Game

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Focal Length:300mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D3000

When a batsman gets to the wicket he usually asks Mr Ump to line him up. Line him up means he wants to make a mark on the crease to denote where his beginning point is. Beginning point? Yep… every time he takes guard to face a ball he wants to be in just the right frame of mind… er, position at the crease.

All Greek? Almost. Imagine it this way… the bowler wants to get the batsman out. The easiest way to to that is to get the ball to move one of the 3 stumps which are usually behind the batsman when the bowler releases the ball. Now, you’d agree with me… if the batsman was standing 2 meters away from the stumps he wouldn’t be able to protect the things.

OK… it’s not all that complicated. The batsman gets the Ump’s help so he can set himself up correct. That’s called taking your guard. Then, ball after ball, the batsman knows exactly where to stand… not only to protect his stumps from the mean bowler but so he’s positioned to wallop the ball as hard as he can!

Got it? No? Well… leave a comment… maybe the Coach can explain better!!

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