The Hat-trick Ball…

By: aj vosse

Sep 17 2013

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Focal Length:95mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D3000

Then there are those rare moments in cricket. Some bowlers never get a hat-trick. Never. A hat-trick, you may ask? Yes, that’s when the bowler claims 3 wickets off successive balls. I’ve seen quite a few bowlers manage the brace and then something always seems to go wrong on the third delivery.

That was the case on this day as well. OK… it would be unfair of me to say something went wrong. Actually, not many would have taken the catch and that GH actually got a hand to the ball was special in its own right. The expressions and postures tell the tale… yep, unfortunately the catch went down! It happens in the best of teams… often!

2 comments on “The Hat-trick Ball…”

  1. He didn’t mention this one at home!

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