Fate’s Fickle Finger?

By: aj vosse

Aug 27 2013

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Category: Away Venues, Officials, Players, Rules of the Game

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Focal Length:170mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D3000

There are days when you have to wonder about the Finger of Fate. Fingers have been much in the news at NKCC in the last few days. I’m sure The DON won’t mind me telling you about his rather unpleasant end to the season. His pinkie finger broken in 2 places… yes, I saw a photo… it looks rather unpleasant!

Then, Sunday gone by, one of our own was doing Square Leg umpiring duties at an away game. You would have thought he may have been admiring the batsmen’s elegant strokes but no… all the lad seemed interested in was airing his finger… yep… that finger shot into the air with alarming regularity! From a slow but serene 60 odd for ONE to about the same 60 odd for FOUR! In the matter of about 10 balls the whole NKCC top order was reduces to a pile of outs!

The moral of the story? When the finger is around you’d better choose your best Formula One wheels when you’re batting… slow off the mark will lead to the finger pointing skyward… that’s as sure as NK are holders of a certain trophy this year!

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