First Change…

By: aj vosse

May 08 2013

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Focal Length:220mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D3000

To continue the terminology lessons… today we define a bowling term or two. The opening bowler is the lad who fires down the first snorter. A snorter is an almost unplayable ball meant to dislodge any batsmen, good, bad or indifferent.

Usually the opening bowlers are the quickest in the team… they have to utilise the new ball when it still has shine on it. Most teams want their opening bowlers to keep running in, over after over, to dislodge as many batsmen as possible in their first spells.

The only thing, most opening bowlers are only human so they need replacing at a point sooner or later. A good captain knows how hard to push his young bucks… or, for that matter, not so young bucks. This is when the next bowler will take over. Hence the first change…

Today’s first change was once a quick tearaway… himself an opening bowler. Now, as he has mellowed with age, at least the body has, he has taken on the role of first change. SS super striker… that’s him in all his glory!

PS – Too many new concepts here… opening bowler, first spells, new ball, new ball shine… tearaway… first change… I’ll have to do a few more bowling terminology updates…

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