Vital Statistics?

By: aj vosse

May 07 2013

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Category: Players, Rules of the Game


Focal Length:95mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D3000

Cricket cannot be called dull or boring. Never! Consider the image above. Many will know that this strange-looking object is not a dog’s muzzle gone walk-about. Nor is it Hannibal Lector’s denture protector.

Many will also inform you that whoever left that bit of plastic laying about has either given up the game completely of has invested in a larger replica after a winter’s growth spurt.

Others may say it’s the most important bit of equipment any cricketer with family aspirations will ever possess. Well, family aspirations and the fear of pain. One half (roughly) of the planet’s population will testify to the pain associated with a slight impact to the nether regions… can you image a cricket ball at pace meeting it’s pair of namesakes without one of these beauties in the way. There’s only one way to describe the consequences…


3 comments on “Vital Statistics?”

  1. Spent the weekend in Vancouver. Stanley park was the host to two cricket games. I get it.

  2. […] back two posts… or click here. Why? You’ll see all about the need to protect one’s vital […]

  3. […] Right… hibernation is over. Spring is in the air. That means many thing to many folk but for us die-hard cricket addicts it means dusting off the bats, checking the pads and gloves and having a long hard look at that all important thing called the “BOX“. […]

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