Rich Heritage!

Cricket, as a sport, is filled with connections to the past. Lords Cricket Ground, in London, is regarded as the home of cricket. From here the traditions and “Laws” of the game has spread all over the world. Many say cricket isn’t a global sport… I say you are very wrong by thinking that! Cricket has become part of the heritage of many nations. The iconic symbols associated with cricket have themselves become part of many nations’ heritage.

Cricket has overcome political divide. Cricket has been a tool used by politicians to drive change and to unite. As a South African of a certain age I can testify to the effect isolation had on the game in my country of birth. Now, thankfully, our crickets are welcome on the world stage again. You will find many examples through history all around the globe where cricket folklore has become part of a nation’s cultural heritage! Long live cricket!

To celebrate our love for the game and the legacy a cricketing heritage has left I’ll include a few photos of some of the icons… bats, balls, stumps… pitches … and even specially designed anatomy protectors!

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